About Us

About Us

Travel In World is a tours and travels service provider with specific focus on planned vacations and corporate trips. We have been in the tours and travels business now for a number of years, and the quality and range of service has evolved over the years. Travel In World today offers an entire bouquet of services designed to make your vacations as memorable as possible. From guidance in planning your vacation to booking tickets , hotels , tourist packages, etc., We take care of everything !

Our Mission

We believe in honest and straight forward dealings with our clients , partners , and service providers. Which is why every transactions you have with us is completely transparent, with all costs on the board, and every service accounted for.

We believe that as long as we are dedicated to our mission of honesty in all our dealings and transactions , we shall always find clients interested in working with us on a long-term basis. We have found that some of our best customers have come to us via referrals from other existing clients. This is perhaps the greatest endorsement of our mission that we can ask for.

As we continue to grow into more destinations, more service offerings, and more seamless delivery, we reaffirm our commitment transparent operations and look forward to offering the highest standards of the service integrity on a continued basis.

Our Team

We are a tight-knit team of professionals experienced in the tourism industry who combine our skills, experience and contacts to bring you a comprehensive set of tours and travels services. It would be no understatement to say that without any of our core members, our Travel In World wouldn’t be able to offer the comprehensive set of services it offers today, and would perhaps find it extremely difficult to generate the kind of customer satisfaction that it does across all our locations.